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UUA Bookstore: The Unitarian Universalist Association of Congregations is unique among religious organizations in our commitment to publish both for our membership, through Skinner House Books, and for the wider world, through Beacon Press. Both presses are owned by the UUA.

Camps & Conferences

Camps, retreat centers, and week-long institutes

Central East Regional Group (CERG)

Central East Regional Group (CERG) is a cooperative of four districts of the Unitarian Universalist Association which share resources and staff to better serve congregations. Our own St. Lawrence District (scroll down) is one of the four member districts. Through CERG, UUCNC is a “Threshold Congregation,” working on congregational growth under the able mentorship of Rev. Renee Ruchotzke. Amy O’Connell represents UUCNC on the CERG board.

Church of the Larger Fellowship

Your UU church at home anywhere in the world

Earth Ministry

UU Ministry for Earth, a UU affiliate organization

Ethical Treatment of Animals

UUs for the Ethical Treatment of Animals acknowledge and affirm the kinship and interdependence of human and animal, and adopt ethics of interspecies compassion as an integral component of liberal religion.

History of Unitarian Universalism

Our History of Religious Freedom: Learn more about how Unitarians and Universalists helped to shape American history. Scroll down for a link to the pamphlet, UU Origins.

The UU Service Committee

Advancing human rights is the work of joining many hands. A UU associate member organization.

The UU United Nations Office

A UU associate member organization

UU Affiliate Organizations

Links to additional UU affiliates, including:

  • UU Sponsored Organizations
  • UU Professional Organizations
  • UU Theological Schools
  • Associate Member Organizations
  • Independent Affiliate Organizations
  • International Organizations
  • Other UU Organizations

Unitarian Universalist Origins

Pamphlet, Our Historic Faith