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Where do I park?

There is limited free parking directly behind the Fredonia Grange Hall; the driveway is immediately to the east of the building. On very snowy mornings, you may find the driveway has not yet been plowed, making this small parking lot inaccessible…one of the joys of Western New York winters!

There is plenty of free parking in the West Village Lot, which is well maintained by the Village of Fredonia. The driveway through this parking lot is labeled “Westal” (for West Alley) on the map linked at left.

Enter the West Village Lot from Water Street or from Canadaway Street (off West Main Street, which is Route 20), or directly from West Main Street via the alley next to the Ellicottville Brewing Company. The exit from this lot is via Canadaway Street only. In the West Village Lot, the closest parking spots to the Grange Hall are at the west end of the lot, near Lena’s Pizza or Moonstruck Design.

To walk through “the back way” from the West Village Lot to the front of the Grange Hall, take the paved walkway toward Moonstruck Design, and turn right between Moonstruck’s lovely big planters to enter the Grange parking lot. (The 2+ story Grange Hall is the tall brick building to the right of Moonstruck.) Then walk through the parking lot and up the long driveway (the Grange Hall is on your left). When you get to the sidewalk along Main Street, turn left, and immediately on your left enter the front doors to the Grange Hall. We expect a friendly greeter will be there to welcome you!

If “the back way” appears to be too snowy, wet or muddy, walk “the long way,” (less than one city block) using the village sidewalks: Walk toward Canadaway Street (at the west entrance/exit to the parking lot), turn right on the sidewalk, and walk to the corner with West Main Street = Route 20. Across Canadaway Street on your left is the Fredonia Fire Hall, and on your right is a 2-story cinderblock building with a real railroad caboose in front!

Turn right along Main Street (the caboose is now on your right), pass Medusa’s hair salon (on your right), and you have arrived! The Grange Hall is on your right, and a friendly greeter should be there to welcome you!

There is also free parking on both sides of West Main Street (Route 20) near the Grange Hall. Park wherever there is a parking meter. You only need to “feed the meter” on weekdays and Saturdays, 9 AM to 5 PM. Parking in these metered spots is free all day on Sundays and holidays. Please be careful crossing the street, even in the crosswalk just west of Forest Place. We want you to arrive safe and sound….