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Welcome a Guest at Your Table
posted: August 15, 2018

Click here: Children’s activity calendar for a printable children’s activity calendar to use with your Guest at Your Table box!

Congregants are invited to participate in this annual tradition of the Unitarian Universalist Service Committee (UUSC). Pick up a Guest at Your Table collection box and brochure at any Sunday service, put the box on your table, and when you sit down for a meal, consider this year’s theme, “Justice Across Borders,” and put some loose change in the box. The contributions you collect will be sent to UUSC to support their work for human rights and social justice.

Turn in your Guest at Your Table contributions on Sunday, January 6 or 13 — the last day to turn in GAYT contributions.

Your contribution may be cash or a check payable to UUSC. Write your contact information on the Guest at Your Table box flap or the back page of the Brochure. If you collected change, please convert the total to cash or a check. Your gift is tax deductible. Your donation of $40 or more earns you and your family annual UUSC membership benefits. Gifts of $125 or more are eligible to be matched dollar for dollar by the Unitarian Universalist Congregation at Shelter Rock in Manhasset, NY — doubling the impact of your gift!

Click on the heading above for more information about UUSC and the Guest at Your Table tradition.

2018-19 Social Action Project on Opioid Addiction
posted: August 14, 2018

At the November 11 congregational meeting on social action, two project proposals were discussed: one, a transgender inclusion course developed by Unitarian Universalist Association; and second, a series of local actions on opioid addiction. The need for leadership for each of these projects was discussed, and Mary Grace Siracuse agreed to lead a project on opioid addiction. No one stepped forward to lead the transgender inclusion project at this point in time. A vote was taken, with 7 people voting to wait until next year to commit to a social action project, and 7 voting to support a limited project focusing on opioid addiction. The opioid addiction task group was given approval to move forward.

The project will be monitored by the Social Action Committee (SAC), given logistical support, provided funding from the SAC budget, given access to the newsletter, website, Sunday service, and other communication platforms, and become ministerial priorities. The task group will report regularly to the Board and congregation and can ask for additional support. A task group is approved for only one year. If the group wishes to continue in the next year, it repeats the petition and voting process which this fall resulted in the congregation’s endorsement of this project.

Update re: Great Decisions Group
posted: August 13, 2018

Due to low interest in a foreign policy discussion group at this time, the planning for this group is postponed until some future time. Those who wish to join a current group, please call the Patterson Library in Westfield, 716 326-2154, where discussions are on-going.

Great Decisions is America’s largest discussion program on world affairs, a program of the Foreign Policy Association.

Questions? Speak with Skeeter Tower or use the information on the Contact Us tab above, and your message will be relayed.

Thanksgiving Food Drive Completed
posted: August 12, 2018

Thanks to all who donated non-perishable food items for the Chautauqua County Rural Ministry. The donations will be offered to those who receive Thanksgiving food from the CCRM Food Pantry.

In addition, on Sunday, November 11, we shared the plate with the Chautauqua County Rural Ministry, now located at 319 Washington Ave, Dunkirk NY. The Share the Plate collection totaled $2,124.

This brings total giving to local charities, over the years, to over $20,000! Of this accumulated giving, we have given to CCRM 16 times — more than any other charity — for a total of $6,600 since the Share the Plate giving program began in 2009.

100% of the non-pledge money received on each Share the Plate Sunday is given to the chosen agency. Congregants make checks payable to UUCNC and indicate “Share the Plate” on the memo line. Of course, cash contributions are also welcome for Share the Plate!

Recycling Ink Cartridges
posted: September 15, 2011

Ink cartridges are collected and recycled by the Social Action Committee to benefit the Westfield Stray Cat Rescue (59 E Main St, Westfield NY).

Deliver spent ink cartridges at worship services on Sunday mornings, September through June.

Please donate your deposit cans and bottles!
posted: September 2, 2011

The Youth Group reminds the congregation that the donation of your deposit cans and bottles is greatly appreciated! Colleen, the owner of Cash for Cans (on Route 60 in just north of Route 83; driving from Rte. 20 it is housed in a large garage with a bright green roof on the left) has generously offered to continue keeping a tab for us for this ongoing fundraiser. Call ahead to check when they’ll be open: 716 672-2274.

All you need to do is drop off your deposit cans and bottles when you are out running errands. If you ever have trouble getting there or need help with a large accumulation, members of the Youth Group will pick up your contribution.

Every little bit helps! In 2011 we raised just over $150 in four months for our trip to Boston, and each year since we have raised a similar amount. Thank you for your support!