Unitarian Universalist Congregation
of Northern Chautauqua

companionship on life's sacred journey

Welcome, Children & Families!

Our Religious Exploration (R.E.) program aims to:

  • Pass on a passion for our faith tradition, with its emphasis on the importance of relationships and developing and sustaining community bonds; and
  • Promote values of inclusion, justice, and respect for diverse families, for our global community and for our congregation.

We intend to offer a program that:

  • Develops UU identity
  • Develops an openness to explore, experience and deepen spirituality
  • Nurtures curiosity, wonder, respect and appreciation throughout life

Welcome, Kids! Please come with your parents, grandparents or guardians! Usually you’ll join us for the first part of the service, and we’ll read or tell a story for all ages during this time. You might want to light a candle or tell us about some joy or concern in your life. Sometimes you’ll have a special service just for kids.

All parents or guardians who have a child in one of our programs are asked to give of their time by volunteering in the classroom, helping with events, or by helping with another church need. We also require each child to be registered. Look for registration forms at Sunday services.

When registering your child you will be asked to share any allergy or health concerns that your child may have. Please know we take your child’s health seriously, and we also understand that this may be private or sensitive information that will not be shared with anyone other than the R.E. Coordinator or the child’s teacher.

We do our best to make sure that adult volunteers are present in all Religious Exploration classes on Sunday mornings and that everyone follows practices that allow for a safe and respectful environment. If you have questions about our practices, please do not hesitate to talk to the R.E. teachers or committee members.

We encourage regular attendance in our R.E. classes, but we realize that there are occasions when you may be away. If your child will be away, please share this information with her teacher so that they may plan accordingly.

Our experience is that children and youth feel greater ease, participate more readily and can build deeper community when they attend more regularly.

See the links at left for details on programs for each age group:

  • Child Care for Birth to Age Five
  • School Age Class for Grades K-5
  • Coming of Age for Grades 6-8

Multigenerational Activities
We believe that our UUCNC community is built through service, action, learning, celebrating, and sharing with one another. We strive to offer events and activities for all ages. Please see the calendar, weekly email UUpdates, or our RE bulletin board for upcoming events.

Questions about Religious Exploration for young people? Speak with the teacher/coordinator for each age group.