Unitarian Universalist Congregation
of Northern Chautauqua

companionship on life's sacred journey


UUCNC worship services are a spiritual oasis, quenching a thirst through our liberating religion. Professional ministry offered by the Rev. Theresa Kime has provided one inspiring sermon after another. Aspects of the worship service, such as Joys and Concerns, give each of us a sacred time to celebrate and seek support in life’s journey. Our candles and glass pebbles carry us into the week to remind us that we are not alone, but part of a supporting community. Affinity groups, social gatherings and service projects round out congregational life, providing opportunities to give and receive outside of Sunday mornings.

All the things we do for each other, our community and the world — our ministry — are supported by the gifts of time, energy and money joyously contributed by the members and friends of the congregation.

As with many aspects of life, what you get from UUCNC is related to what you give. Giving takes many forms, including expressions of Time, Talents and Treasure. We hope every member and friend finds a meaningful way to give of each of the “Three Ts”:

Giving Time

Giving of your Time can be as simple as attending a Sunday worship service or some other-than-Sunday event, such as an Affinity Group. Other gifts of Time can be a one-time commitment (such as serving as a Worship Associate or working at the annual Garage Sale) or an on-going one (such as helping set up or put away furnishings in our rented space each week, as a member of the “Bureau of Tables and Chairs”). Your gift of Time may be done alone (making phone calls, sending emails) or in a group (assembling the newsletter, setting up or cleaning up for a potluck meal). Many hands make light work! Any member of the Membership Committee can help you find your niche…or pick a new one.

Giving Talents

Giving of your Talents is finding your personal ministry within the congregation, and how your unique gifts can help build a caring and compassionate community, among and beyond ourselves. What are your special skills? Musical gifts, computer skills, written expression, greeting others warmly…the list of Talents goes on. Speak with any committee chair or a member of the Executive Board to learn where your particular Talents would be a good fit.

Giving Treasure

Giving your Treasure means making a financial gift in whatever amount is right for you. “Give until it feels good” is one measure of financial giving. Whether or not you’re a member, you are invited to make a financial pledge to support the work of this congregation. Although the annual stewardship campaign is held in the early spring, so we know how much money we can count on as we build the budget for the fiscal year starting July 1, pledges are gratefully received at any time during the church year. Any member of the Stewardship Committee will be happy to tell you more, or see the documents linked at the bottom of this page.

To be counted toward your pledge, your payment must be marked with your name – either on a check or in an envelope with your name on it. Such “contributions of record” are used by the treasurer to determine who has made financial contributions each fiscal year. This, in turn, allows us to know who, among those who have “signed the book,” is a voting member.


Make a financial pledge by printing, completing and returning the form(s) below. The brochure provides additional information about your financial pledge.

Pledge Brochure

Financial Pledge Form

Electronic Giving Authorization Form

Help UUCNC when you shop at Tops Markets!

Tops Gift Cards are available over the summer months. Wendy Westwood is handling sales and special orders and will make arrangements with each customer for pick-up or delivery. Please email or call her to discuss the details.

Buy a Tops Gift Card for $50 or $100, and use it at Tops Markets for groceries, pharmacy purchases, or gas. For each card you purchase, 5% benefits our congregation, and you don’t pay a penny more. If 20 individuals bought a $100 gift card each week, that would result in $100 more each week in the UU coffers. If those 20 individuals did it every week, the total in a single year would be about $5,000 extra for UUCNC. . . just by purchasing items you were going to buy anyway. Please email or call Wendy Westwood to request Tops Gift Cards, and she’ll work out how/when to get them to you.

Equal Exchange Coffee, Chocolate

Fair-traded Equal Exchange coffee and chocolate are available over the summer months. Wendy Westwood is handling sales and special orders and will make arrangements with each customer for pick-up or delivery. Please email or call her to discuss the details.

Equal Exchange sources these goods directly from farmer cooperatives, following the standards and principles of fair trade on 100 percent of its products. This ensures that farmers earn a fair price for their crops, allowing them to better meet their families’ basic needs for food, education, and health care – and their long-term security. Your purchase of these items provides all the coffee we serve on Sunday mornings.