Unitarian Universalist Congregation
of Northern Chautauqua

companionship on life's sacred journey

There are several committees on which you may serve:

Building Acquisition Committee

The Building Acquisition Committee (BAC) was activated by a unanimous vote at a special business meeting called for this purpose on November 18, 2018.

The committee monitors the local real estate market for suitable properties that may become available, and if a property looks promising to its members, the BAC has the authority to investigate and evaluate the property and make a recommendation to the congregation at a business meeting.

The BAC has at its disposal a budget for inspection, legal fees and, if necessary, earnest money, such budget to be voted on as a special contingency line item at the November 18 special business meeting.

Bureau of Tables & Chairs

Also known as the Site Committee, these volunteers move furniture, set up and clean up our rented space each Sunday.

Caring Circle

We help people to connect and to build a caring and compassionate community by:

  1. Being available as a listening and caring presence to members and friends during times of joy and need;
  2. Offering members and friends the opportunity to use their gifts to assist one another; and
  3. Providing resources and educational opportunities that strengthen caring skills.

To find agencies able to help beyond the scope of the Caring Circle members, call 716 753-4582 (Chautauqua County Office for the Aging, Mayville) or visit http://chautauqua.ny.us/234/Chautauqua-County-NY-Connects, or call 2-1-1 or visit http://www.211.org.


We help people to connect and to build a caring a compassionate community by:

  1. Sharing information with our members and friends, through various media, about
    congregational and denominational activities and ways to be involved.
  2. Promoting and publicizing congregational activities to the wider community through a
    variety of media.
  3. In all our work, promoting UU values and how they relate to congregational activities.


We help people to connect and to build a caring a compassionate community by studying the use of congregational funds and making recommendations to the Executive Board re: the annual operating budget, proposed fundraisers and other issues related to
congregational finances.

Reminder about Fundraisers: Any fundraiser for any purpose must be cleared with the Finance Committee, which keeps a master calendar to avoid too many fundraising efforts at any one time, among other considerations. If you have questions, please contact chair Wendy Westwood.

Leadership Development

We help people to build a caring and compassionate community by:

  1. aligning individual talents with congregational needs and by helping people develop their talents and ;
  2. find opportunities to use them in service of their values and of the congregation as a whole.

Committee members are elected at the annual meeting in May or June; members serve two-year overlapping terms.


We help people to connect and to build a caring and compassionate community by:

  1. Providing radical hospitality thru welcoming;
  2. Supporting diversity in all forms;
  3. Integrating all into active participation in our congregation.


We help people to connect and to build a caring and compassionate community by:

  1. Monitoring and encouraging the health of all aspects of congregational life by providing resources, feedback, and noticing and addressing tensions and challenges;
  2. Providing preventative care and intervention through regular checkup assessments and being proactive in supporting Healthy Congregations practices;
  3. Maintaining an overview of the congregation’s ministries.

Commitee members serve three-year terms. One new member is selected each year by the Executive Board from a list of three names submitted by the minister.

Religious Exploration

We help people to connect and to build a caring and compassionate community by:

  1. Passing on a passion for our faith tradition, with its emphasis on the importance of relationships and developing and sustaining community bonds;
  2. Promoting values of inclusion, justice, and respect for diverse families, for our global community and for our congregation;
  3. Offering a program that develops UU identity, develops an openness to explore, experience, and deepen spirituality, and
  4. Offering a program that nurtures curiosity, wonder, respect and appreciation throughout life.

Religious Exploration is sometimes called “R.E.” or Religious Education.

Social Action

We strive to connect, with courage, through love, faith, and service to

  1. Build our capacity by identifying and utilizing strengths and talents that lie with in the UUCNC community;
  2. Collaborate with community churches and organizations to promote social justice issues.
  3. Empower, support and respect the individual and collective leadership gifts and talents of our own SAC members as they develop and build social action activities and projects.

Space Committee

We help people to connect and build a caring and compassionate community by encouraging trust and full participation in a thoughtful, well-informed, and creative process toward assessing and identifying space which supports growth and vitality of our UU faith and ministry.


These volunteers plan and implement the annual stewardship campaign to solicit pledges from members and friends, with follow-up throughout the church year.


We help people to connect and to build a caring and compassionate community by providing a safe and loving spiritual experience that encourages and challenges people to become “their finer selves set free.” (quote is a phrase from Jefferson Westwood’s new lyrics for the song, Amazing Grace)